We offer a wide selection of free equipment to fit any need, including terminals that are EMV and NFC-ready.


Free Tablet Point of Sale Solution


With the new PayAnywhere Storefront Free Tablet POS Program, you’ll get a free tablet, PayAnywhere POS Software, a sleek tablet stand with built in credit card reader for a seamless payment processing experience with faster transactions and improved reporting. This program is intended for new or existing businesses that anticipate or are currently processing around or over $5k in credit/debit card sales. If you are a new business and are unsure about how much you will process in credit cards that is okay, you can still qualify for the Free Tablet POS Program however there are monthly minimum fees that would be applied for the program on any months you process below $5k. See the MONTHLY MINIMUM PROCESSING on the bottom of the page for the complete details.


Not wanting to pay the fees? If you are a small business that will only process a small amount of credit cards you can still use our great Free PayAnywhere app for iPhone/iPad/Android devices by going to our standard PayAnywhere page.

Next Day Funding


Forget the waiting game and get your money faster! Get your money within one business day from the time of transaction.

Flat Rate Pricing


Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and even American Express at the same low flat rate per swipe.

Free Tablet POS Program Details


  • American Express flat rate: 1.69%
  • Flat rate: 1.69% for Visa/MasterCard/Discover swiped transactions
  • Mid-qualified rate: 2.69% for Visa/MasterCard/Discover business, commercial and rewards swiped transactions
  • Non-qualified rates: 3.69%+$0.19 for Visa/MC/Discover/Amex keyed transactions
  • Next day funding applies to sales transacted before 5pm EST
  • Monthly basic service fee: $12.95
  • Annual software licensing fee: $79.00Optional printer for $14.95/month or printer and cash drawer combination for $19.95/month
  • A new merchant account is required

Other Available Products


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Pay Anywhere Receipt Printer

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